Healthy Mind, Body, & Spirit

"I used to be a guy who was experiencing the world, and now I feel like the world and the universe experiencing a guy." - Jim Carrey An interesting, yet possibly obvious concept that not only tremendously aroused significant curiosity and contemplation for me, but also took years for me to fully grasp and additionally... Continue Reading →

What Makes You Feel Alive?

"Many people are alive, but don't touch the miracle of being alive." - Thich Nhat Hanh Think back and reflect on all that you've done today, perhaps not just in the past day, but in the past week, or the past month even. What events or experiences that you've had stand out significantly over that period... Continue Reading →

Mental Willpower

"In the absence of willpower, the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless." - Aleister Crowley I personally believe there's quite a lot to be considered when it comes to mental positivity and well-being. Whether it be fabricated optimism or learned, I feel that there is importance for anyone to hold onto... Continue Reading →

A Quick Introduction

Hello, my name is Jeremy. I honestly can't say for certain if anyone will ever read anything I write here, but if by some chance another person crosses paths with what I've created here, I'd hope my thoughts and ideas would resonate in some way with you and you'll be able to relate and take... Continue Reading →

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