Healthy Mind, Body, & Spirit

“I used to be a guy who was experiencing the world, and now I feel like the world and the universe experiencing a guy.” – Jim Carrey

An interesting, yet possibly obvious concept that not only tremendously aroused significant curiosity and contemplation for me, but also took years for me to fully grasp and additionally allow to manifest and implement itself into my daily health routines, was the notion whatever goes on in the mind, plays out somewhere in the body, and vice versa. Mental health and physical health both dictate the status of each other. It’s important to understand that deficiencies in either consequently affect your overall well-being, and it’s not just exclusive to just mental health or just physical health.

Quite often when considering health, there lies a common thought of there being an apparent distinction between mind and body, and it can be truly detrimental to a person’s health to consider them as separate and to emphasize importance of one more than the other. Many people fall into the conflict of maintaining one or the other while simply neglecting the other, which subsequently causes inevitable negative outcomes and complications. It’s no secret that what occurs within the mind reflects in the body in some way or another. In my experiences, I’ve found that when I’m under immense stress and pressure mentally, I begin to lose weight and my sleep routines become immensely disrupted. This example is a pretty straightforward one as far as conceptualizing the relevance of simultaneous nourishment of both mental and physical conditions, however it’s undeniably a personalized experience for every individual.

I understand that it’s difficult for some to find motivation and energy to maintain overall health, and something I’ve found useful for my own experiences that I feel may be relevant for others is that I simply push myself to do at least one thing every day that’s positive for my mental health, and concurrently make sure I do at least one thing that’s good for my physical health. I try to continue this routine until I decide I can expand my efforts for both, and as time passes and I feel my overall condition has improved, it becomes nearly effortless to maintain a routine and keep myself well.

It most definitely is important to go to work, to go to school, to pay bills, to do whatever it is you need to do to continue on with your life and move in the direction you want to go. I’d advise to you though that it’s far more important to take care of yourself and to make sure you’re doing well and that you’re content with life, because I understand how easy it is to become so engulfed in your careers or your day-to-day lives that you feel that you lose time to take care of yourself. It does take a certain level of effort to keep up with yourself, but it’s truly important to make sure you do so to ensure you live a life you’re satisfied with.

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