A Quick Introduction

Hello, my name is Jeremy. I honestly can’t say for certain if anyone will ever read anything I write here, but if by some chance another person crosses paths with what I’ve created here, I’d hope my thoughts and ideas would resonate in some way with you and you’ll be able to relate and take something new away from reading about my experiences and musings. To give a brief biography, I’m currently 20 years old, turning 21 in about a week from making this post, and I’m currently a student studying Psychology and Social & Behavioral Sciences. I have a broad musical background as well, and I’ve had incredibly complicated experiences throughout my formative years, which I hope to shed light on and perhaps share with anyone who ends up on this page. I want to share what I’ve been through in a meaningful way that not only expresses my ideas, but also what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown from not only adversities, and express myself through my experiences as I journey through my existence in the world. Thanks for finding my page, and I hope you find something here that is meaningful to you in some way.

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